• Dragon ACE™ Hotend
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend  Upgrade High power
  • Dragon ACE™ Hotend

Dragon ACE™ Hotend Upgrade High power

trianglelab Dragon Ace™ Hotend upgrade Large Flow compatible with Prusa MK3 Voron Titan Extruder DDE 3D printer
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    Dragon Ace™ Hotend

Dragon Ace™ is a new generation of general-purpose, high-flow hotend from Triangle-Lab® that inherits the outstanding performance and compatibility of the Orginal Dragon hotend.① It has a new patented design to keep the entire hotend firmly fixed together, and there will be no more patent disputes! And t can still change the nozzle with single hand!
For maximum flowrate the Dragon Ace™ utilizes Orginal Dragon's HF heat breaker design along with a volcano style heater block.


Dragon Ace™ can be installed with MZE (melting zone extender), the total length of the hot-side can reach up to 40MM ② , and the maximum practical flow rate can reach up to 74mm³/S ③
In order to reduce weight and size Dragon Ace™ heating blocks utilize ceramic heating pads as the heating element. Ceramic heating pads have a more certain contact surface, heat up faster, are smaller and lighter, and are easier to replace in case of damage.
The Dragon Ace™, even though the heating block becomes longer, it still weighs 10 grams less than the Orginal Dragon with the heating element included.④
To prevent print abrasive filaments from quickly wearing through thin-walled stainless steel tubes, the Dragon Ace™ heat breaker is made of titanium alloy, which is thicker and more abrasion-resistant for longer life while still maintaining excellent thermal breaking and mechanical strength.

① Orginal Dragon hotend is jointly developed and marketed by Triangle-Lab® and Phaetus®. Here is no reference to clones or variants produced by other companies.
② The total length of the hot melt section here is inclusive of the plane from the lower edge of the heat breaker transition zone all the way to the front of the nozzle convergence, and is generally slightly longer than the total length of the heater block.
③ This data was obtained when MZE was installed and PETG was printed using a 1.2MM nozzle, please refer to the report page in the document sharing directory for details.
④ The measurement of the weight contains the heating element and the silicone socks. The wires for the heating elements are also included but remain the same length.


Compatible with most tool heads designed for V6 or Dragon/Dragon UHF
Compatible nozzles: V6 style with 7.5MM Thread length
Although the overall length of Ace is shorter than the Orginal , with the included spacer it still fits onto the tool head originally designed for the Orginal Dragon. ⑤
Dragon Ace™ provides adapters to fit the V6 Groove Mount, which can be mounted anywhere a V6 volcano hotend was originally designed to be mounted.
⑤ The heating section of Dragon Ace™ is 8.5MM longer than that of Orginal Dragon. There may be a mismatch in the height of the part cooling fan outlet and probe. If you can find parts specifically for a volcano heating block , that's no problem at all.

▉What is included:

▉Material detail:




The Dragon Ace™ heating block is compatible with most cartridge temperature sensors with an outer diameter of 3MM.
Various temperature sensors available:

▉Documentation link:


▉Test Report:

Thermal Break Performance of Zirconia
Ceramic Support Columns on Dragon Ace™ and Orginal Dragon hotend

Purpose of the experiment

To experiment the replacement of thin-walled stainless steel metal support tubes with zirconia ceramics on Dragon Ace™ and Orginal Dragon hotend under the same conditions and observe the temperature change of the hotend body. To see which solution has a better thermal insulation effect.

Experimental conditions:

Hotend: Dragon Ace™ (figure 1) Orginal Dragon (figure 2)

Mounting method:Trianglelab®DDE-RD (figure 3)

Cooling Fan:Noctua NF-A4x10 5V (figure 4)

Nozzle Temperature:260 ℃

Ambient temperature:28 ℃

Temperature measurement method: HIKMICRO K09 Thermal Imaging Camera

Zirconia ceramic support column:OD 2.3mm Length 7.5mm (Fig. 5)

Stainless steel support tube:OD 2.3mm Wall thickness 0.15mm Length 7.5mm

Experimental Methods:

After installing the experimental setup, set the nozzle temperature to 260 degrees Celsius. Leave it for more than 20 minutes, wait for the temperature of all parts to stabilize, and use a thermal imaging camera to measure and record the temperature of the upper end of the hotend body. After replacing the support column of this hotend with a zirconia material one (figure 6), the temperature was again observed and recorded using the same method. Compare the temperature changes recorded on both occasions to verify if using a zirconia ceramic support column is a better solution.


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