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We are committed to improving the performance of 3D printers by researching, developing and producing hundreds of accessories and upgrade solutions to provide our customers with high-end 3D printing accessories and materials for the perfect upgrade of their printer software and hardware! [email protected] [email protected]

TOP Product

ZS V6 Nozzle

ZS V6 Nozzle

GATES-LL-2GT belt synchronous

GATES-LL-2GT belt synchronous
Solid V Wheel

Solid V Wheel

DDE V2 Orbiter 2.0 Extruder

DDE V2 Orbiter 2.0 Extruder

Popular Products

Hotend Series
Hotend Series V6 All-Metal Hotend
Water Cooling Series Liquid Cooling Unit
Water Cooling Series
Heatbreak Series V6 Bi-Metal Heatbreak
Heatbreak Series
Heater Cartridge Series
Heater Cartridge Series 40W/50W/60W/80W
Thermistor Series
Thermistor Series 104NT-4-RO25H42G
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