DDE-Fusion Direct Drive Extruder

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Trianglelab DDE-Fusion Direct Drive Extruder Upgrade Kit Nylon SLS Printed For MQ Spider Creality3D Ender3 CR10 3D Printer
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    Standard Kit
    Bi-metal Heatbreak
    Include Hotend
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DDE-Fusion Upgrade Kit

High Quality

Nylon SLS Printed

Some documents on DDE-F


DDE -Fusion supports a wide range of sensors

BL-Touch(3D Touch)

M8 Proximity Sensor(P.I.N.D.A)

M12 Proximity Sensor(EZABL from TH3D)

M18 Proximity Sensor(EZABL from TH3D)



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Nylon SLS Printed

Ender-3                          CR-10

Ender-3 v2;                    CR-10 (Mini);

Ender-3 Pro;                  CR-10S;

Ender-5;                         CR-10 S4;

Ender-5 Pro;                  CR-10 S5.

*The connection line requires a little hands-on ability.


Two types of fan are not included in this package!!!

If you want to buy 4010 Fan Please click here.

If you want to buy 4010 Blower fan Please click here.

What's in the box

Set1:DDE-Fusion Upgrade Kit-Standard KIT



Set2:DDE-Fusion Upgrade Kit + Bi-Metal Heatbreak(CR10 ENDER3)

         *Ender3 CR10 Titanium Alloy Bi-Metal Heatbreak

*For upgrade Original CR10 Hotend


Set4:DDE-Fusion Upgrade Kit + SWISS CR10 HOTEND

*Does not include heater and thermistor.


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