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Trianglelab High Precision Z-probe Auto bed leveling sensor kit 3D touch sensor Kossel delta Z axis 3D printer for MK8
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This product is an auto bed leveling kit using membrane switch technology.Nozzle contact is a direct measurement,the nozzle is the 'sharp end of the tool'.Since there are no x and y offsets(and very minimal z-offset)the whole of the printable area of the bed can be probed.It is light weight and removable will not add any mass to your printhead.The firmware setting is simplest of all the autobed leveling method.

1.Can be used with any printing surface including               Printbite,PEI,Buildtak,Glass,Aluminium,FR4.
2.Uses a standard endstop connector
3.Voltage comparator module can provide repeatable and stable single output
4.Very easy to configure in your firmware
5.No X or Y offsets,your nozzle is the tool head,so use the nozzle to probe
6.Low cost and easy to use.

1.Connect the sensor to thePCB module
2.Connect the PCB module to you mainboard probe endstop
   VCC   to endstop+
   GND  to endstop-or GND
   DO    to probe signal pin defined in your firmware
The signal is LOW when the porbe sensor is triggered.
It is ok to connect the sensor direct to GND and probe signal pin if you
have and trouble about theVoltage comparator PCB module.

Please make sure that the nozzle and bed is cool down to room temperature before mount the sensor.The sensor will be destoryed if the nozzle temperature is too high.


 1 x Voltage comparator PCB module

 1 x Endstop Cables

 1 x Membrane switch sensor within 1meter conector

 2 x Foam ring for mount the sensor to the nozzle

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