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Trianglelab 3D Printer Extruder For Desktop FDM Printer Reprap MK8 J-head Bowden Free Shipping FOR MK8 Anet Ender 3 CR10
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    TITAN With Motor
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▉About logistics description:

Because the package contains strong magnets, ordinary logistics cannot be transported. So no matter which kind of logistics you choose. We will modify the logistics you choose. The package will be transported by air transportation of special dangerous goods, or other logistics. We will ensure that your package arrives as soon as possible. Thanks for your trust.
If you did not choose a magnetic product. Then your transportation will not be changed to a magnetic transportation route.

If you need to sendUPS/Fedex/TNT/DHL,please contact us.We need to discuss the freight with you.

The trianglelab has always been concerned about product quality.We are developing products and working hard to improve the quality.We will not abandon our reputation because of many cheap products on the market.It is believed that only high quality products can ensure the quality of your work and bring safety to your work.
Some of our products may be more expensive than others,but please believe in our quality and believe that you will not regret when you receive the goods.

Dear customer:
We upgraded the extruder hobb from stainless steel to hardened steel.Maybe you received our new gear,please don't doubt it,it is steel,not plastic.Thanks for your support.

Custom machined teeth on the hobbed gearing for serious grip on your filament.
The big gear is precision machined POM gear not injection moulding parts.

Tatan:A Next Generation Extruder for your 3D printer
With the launch of the Tatan extruder,you now have the benefits of geared extrusion but in a lightweight,punchy little package.
SET 1(not include motor and heat sink):
Full kit Tatan Extruder + 1.75MM bowden adapter

SET 2(including motor):
Tatan Extruder+ 23MM stepper motor 
NOTE:Thewiringdiagram of stepper motor.


Upgrade Your Tatan

Tatan Thumb Wheel.Makes for very easy tention adjustment.You can find it inHere.

What's in the box:(Tatan alone)
Plastic parts:
Body (DU PONT Delrin)
Idler lever (DU PONT Delrin)
Filament guide (DU PONT Delrin)
1.75mm (there are marks on the parts)
Fixings Kit:
1.5mm Hex Wrenches X 1
2.0mm Hex Wrenches X 1
2.5mm Hex Wrenches X 1
Mounting screws:
3 X M3 x 30
3 X M3 x 35
1 X M3 X 12
1X M3 X 8
Lid Screw
1 X M3 X 25
Idler Spring,Screw&Nut
Pinion Gear Grub Screw
Extruder Hobb(Hardened Steel)
Steel pinion gear
Machined POM Gear with Filament Drive Shaft
Already pressed into body,lid and idler
PTFE tube for Idler
1.75MM filament Bowden adapter
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